FACES by David Boudreau

"Wolverine" by David Boudreau

Currently going on at the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank is Faces, the first solo exhibition by my cubemate David Boudreau. It features his best celebrity/fictional character caricatures from the past three years. Last week on Friday, September 20, was the opening reception for the show, with David’s friends, fans, and co-workers in attendance. A successful turnout that was very well-deserved, considering David’s talent, and how hard he has worked to bring this exhibit to life.

Truly, he has come a long way since his interest in drawing portraits was renewed back in 2010 (according to his artist statement on the Center Stage Gallery site, he used to draw portraits of his friends when he was in high school). I remember there being times when production on “Family Guy” was slow, and how we would have downtime that would last for days, sometimes weeks. To offset boredom, David would pull up photos of celebrities or fictional characters from the internet, and draw them in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. That was how it started.

His subjects ranged from Captain Jack Sparrow to Mick Jagger. At first, he simply sketched and drew. But as his skills increased from the amount of work he was producing, it wasn’t long before he graduated to full-blown paintings with a level of color and detail that I, or most people, would not expect to come out of hours spent on software for storyboarding.

Nowadays, he works in Photoshop, but don’t be fooled: this guy takes no shortcuts (i.e. filters, textures, backgrounds). Every brush stroke, sketch mark, and detail are his, and his alone. David hopes to work traditionally someday, and he cites his father, and Sebastian Krüger as his inspirations.

Faces will be on display until October 12. And for those in the Los Angeles area who would like to know more about David Boudreau, you can meet the artist himself for a conversation and live painting demonstration at the Center Stage Gallery this Saturday, September 28, from 1 PM – 4 PM.

For photos from last week’s opening reception, check out the set on Flickr.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013

GDG at SDCC 2013

I will be at Comic-Con this week, working at the Girls Drawin’ Girls booth #5628. There will be all sorts of fun stuff for sale by the talented ladies of the group, such as books, prints, and original artwork. Stop by and say hi, or to show your support for GDG, or both!

My schedule:
Thursday: 12 PM – 3 PM
Friday: 10 AM – 2 PM

Banner by GDG member Rocky Olivares.

See you there!

Birthday drawings

Sailor Jupiter birthday drawing for my friend Kristen.

Lois Griffin/Yukari Hayasaka birthday drawing for my co-worker Doug.

Birthday drawings for my friend Kristen and my co-worker Doug, featuring Sailor Jupiter from “Sailor Moon” and Lois Griffin as Yukari Hayasaka from “Paradise Kiss.” Drawn and colored on 4″ X 6″ post-its with blue Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil, sepia Faber-Castell Pitt artist brush pen, and Prismacolor warm grey markers.

I posted the drawings to their Facebook pages by snapping photos of them with my iPhone, and applying filters with the Flickr app. I love how they turned out, so I’m sharing them here as well:

Birthday drawings edited with filters from the Flickr iPhone app.

Sketches from Boston

Meant to do a photo post about last night’s episode of “Family Guy,” but my computer is unable to detect my camera at the moment, and I don’t have time to figure out why. Oh, well. Talking about something else!

My mom’s wish was to have the entire family go with her to Boston to celebrate her birthday – March 11 – and visit my brother Andrew, who is attending Berklee College of Music. She got her wish; all of us vacationed in Boston last week from the 9th to the 12th. Managed to do two sketches, which were penciled and inked on my mom’s birthday. The first was done in the morning at L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square, and the second during a celebratory dinner at Toro Restaurant.

Sketch of the counter at L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square.

Moleskine sketch of Toro in Boston.

Salon Vertigo sketch

Sketch that I made while waiting to get my hair cut at Salon Vertigo.

On Saturday, I went with my mom to Salon Vertigo, where we both had an appointment with my favorite hair stylist, Yasaman Gharavi. My mom’s appointment was before mine, so while I waited, I sketched the view of the entrance in front of me. It made the wait go by so fast, it was my turn before I knew it. A productive visit overall.

By the way, for any of you living in the San Diego area who are looking for a great hair stylist, I highly recommend Yasaman. I have been seeing her and no one else for over five years now for all my haircut needs. Don’t mind making that 120-mile drive for her, either. She is that good!

Composition for Animation homework week 1

Sketches of antique luggage for Will Weston's Composition for Animation class at the Animation Guild.

Sketches of antique luggage and gift boxes for Will Weston's Composition for Animation class at the Animation Guild.

Sketches of antique luggage and gift boxes for Will Weston’s Composition for Animation class at the Animation Guild.

Dynamic Nudes with Contortionists

Every third Thursday of the month, a late night drawing event called Sketch Theatre is held at Gnomon. Last month’s theme was “Dynamic Nudes with Contortionists,” featuring real contortionists. These are my favorite pages from that night:

Dynamic Nudes page 1

Dynamic Nudes page 2

Dynamic Nudes sketch

Dynamic Nudes page 3

Belly Dancer

Figure drawings from April Connors's figure drawing workshop, themed "Belly Dancer."

My friend April Connors has her own private space within Keystone Fine Art Studios in Glendale, where she works as a figure painting and drawing instructor. Every Wednesday night from 7 – 10 PM, she hosts these figure drawing workshops, where the model dresses according to the theme of the evening. I attended her workshop for the first time last week, which was themed “Belly Dancer” and featured Gallery Girls model Olivia Lopez. These are my favorite drawings from that session:

Belly Dancer drawing 1

Belly Dancer drawing 2

Sugar Plum Fairy and a shout-out to Leen Isabel

Sugar Plum Fairy drawing 1

Sugar Plum Fairy drawing 2

The last drawing event of 2012 at Gallery Godo was on Friday, December 7. The theme was “Sugar Plum Fairy,” with Gallery Girls models Jennifer Patton and Olivia Lopez posing for the night, all done up and donning shimmering fairy costumes. Their makeup artist was present as well, curious to see how people were depicting her handiwork.

Among the artists that night were select members of Girls Drawin’ Girls, including Leen Isabel, whom I had met online in May that year after she introduced herself to me via Facebook. In her message, she said that she identified with some of the feelings that I shared in my Drink and Draw post, that she loved my art and blog, and encouraged me to keep writing and drawing. It was such a huge compliment to me that I friended her back, and since then, have remained in touch.

Anyway, we mailed Christmas cards to each other over the holidays, with me slapping a Post-it drawing onto the one I sent her. It was fanart of her webcomic Pole Dancing Adventures. She loved it so much that she posted it on the PDA site, crediting me and referring readers to my blog. Now I’m returning the love by telling you to check her stuff out because she’s a gorgeous, talented, and funny lady.

Need proof?

Drool over these cosplay pics.

Stare in awe at the Christmas card she gave me:

Christmas card by Leen Isabel and Win Dong


And read this, my personal favorite PDA strip. Haha! Yeah…

Later, everyone!

Classic Pin-Ups: Gallery Godo’s final late night drawing event

Pin-Up Girls drawing 1

“Classic Pin-Ups” was the theme at Gallery Godo last Friday night, where I was hit with some bad news, and then good. Bad news: from what I overheard Gallery Girls model Jennifer Patton telling my friend Pierre Bernard, it was Gallery Godo’s final late night drawing event, as the gallery was closing its doors indefinitely. Good news: the late night drawing events will now be held at the Animation Guild, which is only a few blocks from where I live. Awesome!

“Simpsons” character layout artist Paul Wee was the special guest that night, drawing among fellow artists, and selling sketchbooks of his personal work. I wanted to introduce myself to him, but I was so in the zone with my figure drawings that night, the desire to have a few words with him simply slipped my mind. I think the fact that I don’t know what he looks like played a part as well.

The drawings featured here are posted in the order that I drew them, using black and blue Tombow dual brush pens on 9″ X 12″ Canson Universal sketch paper. Poses were 25 minutes each.

Pin-Up Girls drawing 2

Pin-Up Girls drawing 3

Pin-Up Girls drawing 4

Pin-Up Girls drawing 5