All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles art show

Last Saturday, I, along with my LMU schoolmate Laura Robinson, attended the opening reception for the All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles art show over at Gallery Nucleus. I first heard about the show through Brigette Barrager’s blog, where she posted up “Fab Four,” her piece for the show. I was in love […] Read more »

The origin of vaginas is a bloody one, indeed

We conclude our series of Fox TV Animation art show posts with the third collaboration between me and Andrew Dowis. To start, it is a popular choice among art show participants to submit fanart of our three shows – that is, “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” and “The Cleveland Show.” The Origins art show was unique […] Read more »

My failed attempt at a Canete drawing

The walls of the “American Dad” conference room were plastered with all sorts of freaky things on Friday, May 7, 2010. Perhaps the lack of sleep was causing me to hallucinate skeletons, monsters, and Siamese twin rabbits in places where they shouldn’t be; literally, I did not sleep the night before. Or maybe it was […] Read more »