Jeremy’s birthday and special guest drawing

Saturday, March 29, saw me at the 24th birthday celebration of animation maestro, Jeremy Polgar. The party was a blast, complete with good people, delicious frozen beverages, the biggest pinata I’d ever seen, and a crazed Jeremy running around with cake – even though the latter nearly had most of us making a run for the door. It was fun being able to talk to LMU people that I hadn’t seen for a while. I also got to talk to a few of the artists I met at Titmouse a few weeks back. If plans don’t fall through, I’ll be learning Japanese from Junpei Takayama, haha!

Eh, probably not…but, hey, it’s a connection!

Obviously, I made the drawing above as a birthday gift to Jeremy. It’s supposed to be a picture of him and his girlfriend, Felicia. I was happy to know that Jeremy and Felicia both loved it. And in case any of you guys are thinking, “Boy, his arm is sure long,” I did that on purpose. Like the way the animators did it for the “Tiny Toons” and “Animaniacs.” Jeremy said for me not to sweat it, but it’s hard not to be a little self-conscious, no thanks to my boyfriend making the above arm quote.

Here’s the sketch for the drawing:

To be honest, I like the sketch more than the cleanup. There’s just something really cool about those thought process lines.

And speaking of sketches, Matt Bordenave did a quick portrait of me at the party. I’m so complimented, I just have to put it up here. Matt thinks it doesn’t look like me, but I think it does. Well, maybe a hotter, lethal version of me, but why should I be complaining about that? So cheers to Matt and his awesome drawing skills!

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  1. Andrew says:

    you look like you were designed for Loonatics…

  2. Ivan's blog says:

    thanks for the comments, and thanks for stopping by my blog. you have some cool stuff on here as well. your line work is really clean.

  3. Wayne B. Medina says:

    hey kristina!!

    thank you for visiting my blog thingy
    *smiles* it was cool talking to you guys. your work is very cool. good line work

  4. Joseph Lee says:

    Great sketches!

  5. Angeewhoa says:

    great and cute work. cute profile pic too.

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