Memory of Hartmann’s class

In the first semester of my senior year at LMU, I took Rupert Hartmann’s class on the business of the music industry. The class was boring as hell at times, but it was all cool, considering the lack of homework assignments and the abundance of friends in attendance. Among them were the guys pictured. Yeah, that’s my ex-roommate A.J. again. The other guy is Franz Schmutzer, a film production student that I met through fellow animator J.J. Conway of Hammerfist Productions. You may recognize him from the old, long-deleted “Sombrero Boy” posts on “Lunchtime in Hell,” fictional conversations between Franz and Satan (note for the curious: I’ll be posting up “Lunchtime in Hell” art at a later time).

Back to the drawing now, it depicts one of the few times that the three of us sat together during Hartmann’s class. I see it as a family portrait in some ways, since the three of us are half-white/Filipino and that we sometimes call each other by sibling titles (i.e. “little bro,” “sort-of brother,” “Ate”). It marks my fourth attempt at coloring in Photoshop, and while I’m not as pleased with it as the “No pregnant women allowed!” piece, well…hey! It’s still progress!

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  1. Andrew says:

    If you’re half white then I’m blacker than Spike Lee

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