"Hammerfist" creator turns 23

Late birthday present is late! My God, that is so not made of win…

So on Saturday, July 19, Matthew Mahoney of Hammerfist Productions celebrated his 23rd birthday. In his honor, I drew up a ton of “Hammerfist” fanart and the drawing you see above, which is supposed to be of him and me, the way we looked back in the spring of ’05 – the good old days, because we were a lot closer during that time.

Anyway, I have to cut this entry short because I have to get back to storyboarding for work and my own personal enrichment. Here’s three out of an insane amount of “Hammerfist” fanart that I pounded out on Friday and Saturday. Cleaned up and colored versions of these images will be posted up at a later time.

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  1. Andrew says:

    “Dammit, Robin, I told you to stop calling 1-888-SUK-FEST!”

    It looks like he’s wearing the cape around his shoulders but the cape disappeared =3

  2. Napkin Drawings says:

    That’s very Johnny Cage-esque, you got a picture with yourself and an autograph. Once again awesome pictures.

  3. Hammerfist Productions says:

    Official Note: David needs WAY more ass! WE LOVE YA THOUGH!


  4. Matthew M. says:

    I know I’m so late to comment on this, but I fucking love all of these drawings! And I always appreciate putting me in a jacket with a tie! AWESOME!

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