Animal sketches

On the 12th of last month, I went to the L.A. Zoo with Elaine to sketch animals. It was a lot of fun, despite the hot sun pouring down on us. I have to admit I nearly passed out at the emperor tamarin enclosure (I’m a wuss, I know). The most interesting parts about the experience were the people who would stop to watch us as we drew. Elaine and I even received a request from a man named Jesse to make a birthday drawing of him and his sister, Brianna, which we accepted at no charge. They were pleased with the drawings, but, of course, Elaine and I were still nervous about the results – you know, the whole “you are your own worst critic” deal.

Below are some of the sketch pages, in the order that I drew them. I seriously need access to a bigger scanner because I did my sketches on 9×12 paper, and I had to scrap at least two pages for this post, as they were horribly cropped.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Great zoo sketches. I like the pelican’s a lot!!!

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