Orihime Inoue

I honestly hate the sight of unfinished works on my blog, but then…if I was to wait until all my stuff was finished to post, then updates would be super infrequent. And I don’t like that much, either. So here’s a sketch of my favorite “Bleach” character, Orihime Inoue. Originally, I wanted to color this, but sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is really the last thing I want to be doing right now. My eyes are killing me, and, anyway, I’ve got a ton of storyboarding work to do. Thank you, God, that I don’t have to be doing that digitally at the moment, or I just may go blind!

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  1. Napkin Drawings says:

    3/4 down shot. I like the composition and the shadow and the facial expression. I like the whole damn thing.

  2. Hobofish says:

    WOW. really well done. that is a tough drawing to do and you really pulled it off. Nice work!

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