Group pics can be such a pain

It’s late, so I’m going to keep this short. The drawing above is a birthday present for my friend Jeremy Polgar. The characters depicted are ones that appeared in a flyer he made to advertise his birthday party. Originally, I wanted to color this, but as I said in my last post, I’m just not feeling it with the colors right now.

Happy belated birthday, Jeremy!

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  1. Junpei Takayama says:

    nice one~ i knew these characters looked familiar.

  2. Jeremy Polgar says:

    HAHAHA! That’s Awesome! Thank you So much for making this. You got them drawn more on model than what I would’ve done if I had to redraw them at a different angle. Dope composition too. It’s really cool to see these characters doing something other than what they are doing in the original drawing. seeing them drawn by another person makes them feel like they are established/existing characters. I’m thoroughly flattered. Thank you, Kristina Bustamante!

  3. Kristina Bustamante says:

    Thanks Junpei! And – YAY! I’m really glad you like your present, Jeremy ๐Ÿ™‚ Your characters are so awesome, it’s hard to resist drawing them.

  4. Mike Moloney says:

    That turned out really cool Kristina! did you draw it in flash?

  5. Kristina Bustamante says:

    Thanks Mike! I actually drew this in pencil on a post-it first. Then I scanned it in, and cleaned things up in Photoshop. Good times, haha.

  6. Wayne B. Medina says:

    very clean Kris ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah i hope to see this in color gurl! heh heh

  7. Mike Moloney says:

    Hey you need to keep posting stuff!!! that is crazy you drew that in photoshop, i really thought it was in flash. Either way great work!

  8. Ivan's blog says:

    Hey you finally got a job for Family Guy! thats awesome congrats. I remeber meeting you almost two years ago when you were first applying there. Hope your doing doing well kristina!!


  9. Mike Moloney says:

    DO MORE!!

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