Figure sketches

Last month, I got back in the figure drawing game after three years of absence from either classes or sessions. Gotta hand it to Fox TV Animation for holding sessions every other Wednesday. They’re really a lot of fun to attend. Two hours of figure drawing in the “American Dad” conference room minus registration fees and the like. What could be better?

The sketches I’ve done so far from these sessions suck, though. Not a surprise, considering how long it’s been since I’ve done figure drawing on a regular basis. So instead, I’m just going to share three pages from my current sketchbook. These drawings were done during my free time at work using references from photos on DeviantArt.

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  1. Jeremy Polgar says:

    Dude! nice! These are dope. I can't wait to see the next batch.

  2. Kristina Bustamante says:

    Thanks Jeremy! We'll definitely be seeing more of these. Gotta keep polishing those skills!

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