Salutations and a blast from the past

Ever notice how when you wait for everything to be perfect before doing something, you almost always never do it? It happened to me when I opened this website in May last year. I told myself that I would wait until I had designed this space to my liking before sharing it with the rest of the world. I’m sure you can figure out what became of that plan. Truth is, nothing will ever be perfect, so why waste anymore time waiting?

So welcome to the new site, everyone! We’ll start things off with artwork that I’ve been dying to publish for a long time, namely pieces that I created for past art shows at my work at Fox TV Animation. Today’s offering dates back to September 25, 2009, when “Works of the Masters” was the flavor of the day. Alphonse Mucha was my man, and “The Four Seasons” was my stepchild to abuse with all the mean, satirical fury of “Family Guy.” The result of that experiment sold for $400. Originally, the piece was to be colored with watercolor, but my lack of experience with the medium caused me to scrap that idea in favor of using something that I was more comfortable with: colored pencils. It was the first time I broke out the ol’ Faber-Castell set in years.

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