Happy belated birthday Kristen!

Would SpongeBob SquarePants ever have the hots for someone outside of his own TV series? Apparently so, in this crossover romance birthday drawing, in which our pineapple-dwelling pal is all goo-goo-eyed for Bulma from “Dragon Ball.” I normally don’t support crossover pairings, but I must admit these two don’t look too bad together, and for a friend, I’d make an exception. The lucky recipient is my friend Kristen Berg, who is a fan of the two series, among other things. She’s not a SpongeBob/Bulma shipper, though. That whole deal was me having fun, but also wanting to avoid drawing crazy-muscular dudes.

Oh, but so I regret drawing this in Photoshop! It’s just not good for my eyes. Since working in the animation industry, my vision has only worsened, and that worries me. I plan on buying a pair of computer glasses soon to fix this, but I also want to work less on the computer, and more on paper. And I say all this as I sit here in my cube at work, literally wearing sunglasses. People are probably going to start asking questions. Hey, girl’s gotta protect her eyesight, guys! Back off!

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  1. Javier Recio says:

    very cool stuff. Is so nice to meet someone from Family guy….you guys makes my life happier!!!

    • Kristina Bustamante says:

      Thanks Javier! I’m proud of the work that I do on “Family Guy,” so it’s always a pleasure to meet someone who loves the show. And it’s very nice to meet another person from DreamWorks. Your studio and your blog both make me happy. Keep up the good work!

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