Overheard at a Ralph’s salad bar on Tuesday afternoon

Bearded Guy: “Haha, that’s some edamame!”

Goatee Guy: “What’d you say ’bout my mommay!?”

Why did I board this!? Why didn’t I just draw it as a single-panel comic like a normal person!? To be updated by next Monday. Or not. Maybe this doesn’t need any commentary. We’ll see.

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  1. Kristen says:

    I actually think it works better as 2 panels. It makes the relationships between the people clearer. With no background other than this happened at Ralph’s, I can figure out from these 2 panels that the 2 guys are friends and that the girl on the right (you?) is on her own. One panel wouldn’t make that obvious. One panel also wouldn’t give you the chance to set up the bearded guy’s great expression in panel 2, as you’d need to have him saying the edamame line to set up the joke- and then, with the other guy’s reaction added in, it would be too much for one panel. *adjusts nerd glasses*

    Just my two cents. Lord, I miss animation critique and having conversations like this in class!! xD

    • Kristina Bustamante says:

      Yes, the two guys are friends, and that’s me screen right. In reality, the two guys were laughing together the whole time, just throwing jokes left and right at each other. It was the edamame one that made me laugh and think, “I should draw that.”

      Thanks for the constructive criticism. It does make me miss our time at LMU.

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