Мishka-fy that “Family Guy”!

Again, I have nothing new to share. Work’s been rough, and I spent the bulk of last night with my closest friend Elaine, as that was the only time for us to hang out before she returns to San Francisco this Friday. You know what this means, right? Yup, it’s flashback time! We’re going back to 2010 on this one for a “Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side” poster that was signed by me and a bunch of co-workers for the Mishka store in NYC, which I wrote about in my Livejournal on December 22 of that year. Here’s the Mishka part of the entry verbatim:

A few… whatever, days/weeks ago, Jason Weitzner, one of the design coordinators, had me do a sketch for a poster he was giving as a gift to one of his favorite stores, Mishka. Today, I received news that Mishka loved the poster, as well as my art:

The given poster, signed by yours truly and other “Family Guy” artists.

Detail of my art, which happened to be Mishka’s (or maybe just My Pal the Crook’s) favorite. Yeeuh!

Lamour Supreme’s “Kaiju Invades” graphic that served as the inspiration for my art.

It was the highlight of my day, finding that out. I’m constantly disappointed by my drawing skills that it’s always an uplifting thought to know that people love my art, and that I’m just over-analyzing things.

You can read Mishka’s thoughts on the poster here at their blog.

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