Woe is me, and a Photoshop sketch

Been feeling under the weather lately. My boyfriend of two weeks broke up with me last weekend. I know that’s a very short time to be seeing someone, but I was crazy about him. Even a few of my co-workers could easily see that whenever they’d ask me how my dates with him went. “Awwwww, you’re blushing!” someone would say, and all I could do was manage a “I just…I just like him so much!” between giggles. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted, and I have no regrets over him, or any of what happened during what will probably go down as the most bizarre and short-lived romance of my adult life.

Saw my doctor this morning for pain in my left side that’s been going on for about a week now. The tests that have been conducted so far look good, so it’s likely just a muscle sprain under the ribs. I’m now at work, but the string of bad luck hasn’t ended just yet: I accidentally cut my finger with a bread knife while slicing a bagel! Thank goodness for office first aid kits, but why the heck are all the bandages either too wide or too small!?

Anyway, here’s a sketch I did in Photoshop before going to bed last night. It is based on a photo from one of my favorite blogs, Le Blog de Sushi. You can see the photo here.

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