Celebrating Memorial Day with a memory of high school

Memorial Day is a time for Americans to remember their brave brothers and sisters who died in all the wars of our country’s history. I’m remembering them, alright. My great-grandfather Forrest Lee Cease bore witness to the deaths of many of these people the day he fought, alongside Teddy Roosevelt, in the Battle of San Juan Hill, the bloodiest battle of the Spanish-American War.

But I’m also remembering high school for some reason. That, and I’m at home for the holiday, away from my Cintiq, supplies, and other stuff that could have helped me prepare for today’s post – oh, excuses. So, instead, I bring to you this piece that’s been sitting on my drawing table in my bedroom at my parent’s house in San Diego. Dated May 26, 2003, and colored with watercolor pencil, it is based on a short story I read for an English class in my senior year at University of San Diego High School.

Fun fact: I inked this, not with a pen, but with toothpicks! I was far more experimental with my work those days than I am now. Where did the love go, Present Me!? I need to remedy this!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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