Bleach Hisagi/Kira comic (feat. Matsumoto, Yachiru, and Renji)

Nothing new this time because I killed massive amounts of it on my Story Development for Animation homework, thumbnailing one of my favorite scenes from Flashdance, and ultimately thinking, “Why did I thumbnail this!? This is the total opposite of what Rad wants!!!” I was only supposed to spend ten minutes on it, too, but I ended up going overboard. I have a love/hate relationship with stuff like that happening.

Anyway, here’s a Bleach fan comic from ’08. Drawn on post-its and dated August 21, 2008, this was entered into the ShuuKira Birthday Contest over at shuukira, a Livejournal community dedicated to Shūhei Hisagi and Izuru Kira from Bleach. It won me a pair of phone straps of the two characters. Yay!

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