Car maintenance issues and a Panera sketch

Panera sketch

The morning started off innocently when I took my car to the nearby Ford dealership for maintenance around 8:15 AM last Tuesday. To pass the time, I stopped in for breakfast at the usual spot for mornings like this: Panera. Over an hour went by as I inked the above image with a dying Tombow pen before a slight feeling of dread washed over me. My car should have been ready by then. Why hadn’t anyone at Ford called me?

Remaining calm, I presumed that things had gone swimmingly as they always had in the past; someone had simply forgotten to call was all. I could not have been more wrong on this. What should’ve been a 40-minute procedure degenerated into a 4-hour nightmare! And to make matters worse, they got my car mixed up with someone else’s! It was beyond infuriating.

Why I showed up to work at all that day completely baffles me. Others would have taken a sick day for something like that (one of my co-workers practically encouraged me to over the phone, actually), and I probably would have benefited from following their example because my motivation was zapped. My gosh, I even stayed in past 8 that night! What is wrong with me!?

The only good thing to come out of that ordeal was that I was not charged for the service, and that my next maintenance visit will also be free. Here’s hoping they don’t screw things up again. I don’t want to have to look for another place to take my car to.

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