Figure drawings from Titmouse – featuring Miss Mosh!

My Canon G12 is out of commission at the moment, so we’ll have to deal with these crappy iPhone photos for now.

Anyway, Titmouse has these figure drawing sessions that are normally reserved for the studio’s artists only, but Ben Li was kind enough to get me in on last night’s gathering, which was seriously awesome because the stunning Miss Mosh was the model of the evening! I’ve been a fan of Miss Mosh ever since I discovered her on DeviantArt, so it was a mind-blowing experience to see her in person – you know, one of those “Oh, my God, you’re actually REAL!” sort of things. Sadly, I must admit that I’ve been out of practice in the figure drawing arena, so I wasn’t able to do her much justice in my drawings. No matter, I am sharing the best of what I could do at the time.

In a room full of eccentric animation people, you bet your life the night was fraught with hilarity. Effects animator Edward Artinian was the boss, timing all the poses and collecting payments, up until he had to bail, leaving Jeremy Polgar and Ben in charge, or as Jeremy put it, “I am in charge of making Ben in charge!”

When Mosh assumed the pose in the second photo against a drawing horse and counter stool, she had to adjust after a couple of seconds, complaining – and I don’t know if I heard this right – of pressure in her uterus! Cue laughter. When she apologized for the inconvenience, Jeremy said, “‘Ey! It’s alright,” prompting everyone in the room to burst out laughing once more. If you knew Jeremy, and his way of speaking, you’d understand why.

The last pose, a 10-minute one that I don’t have pictured here, was a request from Ben to have Mosh sitting with a twist to it. It was a pose that I knew right away was going to be painful for her in the long run, and my thoughts were proven correct, as Mosh trembled from the uneven distribution of weight, and, far more than once, straightened herself to take a breather from the pain. Five minutes in, my brain was already screaming, “For God’s sake! Someone please tell her to change the pose!” It was a beautiful pose, but it was difficult to watch someone be so uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, she got through it, and everyone applauded and thanked her, as they should have. And Ben apologized. It was very touching.

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    Those are really lovely! Beautiful work, Kristina “)

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