Aroma sketch

Aroma dining room sketch

Went on a long walk through Studio City, Toluca Lake, and Burbank yesterday, which all began with a near-2.5 mile walk to Aroma Coffee & Tea for breakfast and sketching. Spent two hours or so on the above drawing with a dying Tombo pen. By the time I was done, the last half of my breakfast burrito that I couldn’t finish earlier became my lunch for the day. Very convenient. Wanting to reward myself with one of the cafe’s smoothies, however, wasn’t. I took one look at the line that snaked all the way out the door, and somehow came to the conclusion that it was better to walk 2 miles over to Robek’s instead. How in the heck…

Well, at least there weren’t any lines there, so suck it, crazy-long Aroma line!

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