Classic Pin-Ups: Gallery Godo’s final late night drawing event

Pin-Up Girls drawing 1

“Classic Pin-Ups” was the theme at Gallery Godo last Friday night, where I was hit with some bad news, and then good. Bad news: from what I overheard Gallery Girls model Jennifer Patton telling my friend Pierre Bernard, it was Gallery Godo’s final late night drawing event, as the gallery was closing its doors indefinitely. Good news: the late night drawing events will now be held at the Animation Guild, which is only a few blocks from where I live. Awesome!

“Simpsons” character layout artist Paul Wee was the special guest that night, drawing among fellow artists, and selling sketchbooks of his personal work. I wanted to introduce myself to him, but I was so in the zone with my figure drawings that night, the desire to have a few words with him simply slipped my mind. I think the fact that I don’t know what he looks like played a part as well.

The drawings featured here are posted in the order that I drew them, using black and blue Tombow dual brush pens on 9″ X 12″ Canson Universal sketch paper. Poses were 25 minutes each.

Pin-Up Girls drawing 2

Pin-Up Girls drawing 3

Pin-Up Girls drawing 4

Pin-Up Girls drawing 5

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