Sketches from Boston

Meant to do a photo post about last night’s episode of “Family Guy,” but my computer is unable to detect my camera at the moment, and I don’t have time to figure out why. Oh, well. Talking about something else!

My mom’s wish was to have the entire family go with her to Boston to celebrate her birthday – March 11 – and visit my brother Andrew, who is attending Berklee College of Music. She got her wish; all of us vacationed in Boston last week from the 9th to the 12th. Managed to do two sketches, which were penciled and inked on my mom’s birthday. The first was done in the morning at L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square, and the second during a celebratory dinner at Toro Restaurant.

Sketch of the counter at L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square.

Moleskine sketch of Toro in Boston.

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