Inktober: Day 3

Inktober: Day 3

Remembering my brief stint at MLG Productions with this drawing of Torunn, daughter of Thor. I was a freelance storyboard revisionist for “Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.” Don’t bother looking for my name in the credits, though. You won’t find it because there was no obligation for the studio to credit freelancers on the project.

That being said, I had a completely different drawing in mind for today’s post, but that one will have to wait because there’s a dude in it, and I just seriously have a hard time drawing dudes.

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  1. Michael says:

    Your talent is amazing! I was looking forward to seeing all of your Inktober posts 🙂

    • Kristina Bustamante says:

      Thank you, Michael. I was hoping to keep up with Inktober as well, but life gets in the way sometimes. Hopefully, I’ll have more stuff to post soon. I’m feeling very inspired right now.

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