Jeremy Polgar releases proof of concept trailer for ANALOG ON

Animator Jeremy Polgar has released his proof of concept trailer for his series pitch, ANALOG ON, and it looks sexy as hell! Created, directed, and animated by the self-proclaimed motion scientist himself, the breathtaking 1:30 clip takes us through a post-apocalyptic landscape where a mysterious masked man scans the remnants of a robotic human skull before gazing up at a massive bullet-like structure protruding from a mountain. Within this gargantuan vessel lies Horizon 1, a city populated by 37 million people plus one anomaly in the mix: titular character Analog, the last android in existence. After zeroing in on our heroine from the bowels of a futuristic hangar, we watch as she fires up a cybernetic remote that’s basically a walkman with some ultramodern upgrades, and launches into a spree of taking down various baddies before zooming away on sleek wheels resembling the Arwing from Star Fox. It’s quite a neon-saturated ride through Jeremy’s vision of a series that clearly reflects his love for frenetic, fast-paced animation within dystopian settings à la Dead Leaves.

The trailer for ANALOG ON was completed with the help of some of Jeremy’s talented industry peers, including Max Repka, the sound designer of the Oscar-nominated short Adam and Dog, and Motorcity alumnus and vehicle design virtuoso Brandon Cuellar. It also features music by Perturbator and Sung.

Congratulations to Jeremy, and happy pitching!

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