Unfinished: Little Miss Broken 21

Despite the obviously unfinished look of this painting, I am happy with the way it turned out. The painting is of a photograph by DeviantArt user hakanphotography, titled “Little Miss Broken 21,” which you can find here. I chose it for its well-dressed subject (girl who likes to draw girls here!), and the way the light plays off the woman’s shoulder and the leaves in the background – actually, there had to be bits of green in the picture, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone for it; green is my favorite color.

I’ve had this sitting for months, saved and unpublished, over at my blog on Tegaki E before I decided to drop the ax on it earlier today. Reasons behind this decision stemmed from the difficulty level of the project, lack of resources and interest, and bad timing. Coloring is most certainly not my forte, and the first time I had to paint in a realistic manner, I had to do it on Tegaki E of all places! Everything on one layer with practically zero of the conveniences that Photoshop and Corel offer.

Other roadblocks occurred when my PC died, which still has yet to be replaced, leaving me with only the Cintiq I have at work, where downtime is few and far between (and, anyway, when your job is drawing on a bright screen all day, the idea of giving your eyes a rest at the first opportunity seems very appealing, doesn’t it?). Then the studio blocked DeviantArt, which is really ironic if you think about it.

Fast forward to today: I had a bit of downtime, but just as I was about to begin painting again, I remembered the latter, and thought, “Screw it!” Entry submitted. I figured that it’s time for something new, anyway.

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  1. Shinakari says:

    You know, I'm really glad you didn't make her look as creepy as she does in the photo. Keep posting things! I like to see your art. ^_^ Also, anyone that does Tegaki-E at this level of quality is insane. And I mean that in the best way possible.

  2. Marnie Brumder says:

    Hey lady! This is gorgeous! I like the pose very much!
    Also I like the blog make-over!!

  3. Erik D. Martin says:

    lookin good Kristina!

  4. Khylov says:

    Well, seems that Blogger ate my first comment. Must've been delicious.

    Ok, so to rehash what I said: Kalia was kind enough to introduce me to your blog today at work. Fair warning: You're open to commentary.

    We both enjoyed your life drawing sketches in… ink? Really dig on the poses with movement, esp. with the clothes and hair.

    To steal an earlier phrase from K: Keep posting stuffs.

  5. Ganerda Grul, Librarian says:

    Little Miss Broken is quite beautiful KB–Thank you for sharing. I love the depth of field you express by blurring the plant in the background. I also love the muted colors. Her pageboy haircut and dress mesmerize me with how well rendered they are.

  6. Khylov says:

    Danke much for dropping by and commenting. I figured since I hadn't updated in 2 weeks that I'd've lost most of my readers – yes, bloggers' a cruel, cruel place.

    I left a comment there too. Keep in mind though – it was typed in the middle of a workday. I think I did a pretty good job putting incoherent yelling and painful yells into written form – I finally found a reason to use the tilda and Yen symbols.

    Anyhow, post more stuffs here please. Cheers.


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