Tegaki illustrations from 2010 and something extra from 2011

Nothing new this time around, so I thought I’d share some illustrations I made at my blog on Tegaki E two years ago:

Manga Stream hasn’t released any translated chapters of “Bleach” as of late, which leads me to believe that the manga must be on hiatus. What a gyp, considering that the series is in its final arc. I’m dying to know how Kubo-san is going to end this. He better not screw this one up, especially after dragging me through the less-than-stellar Fullbringers arc. I hated those characters, and I would even hazard to say that they were completely unnecessary, but who knows? Maybe the final arc will prove me wrong. Heck, I’m hoping it proves me wrong. It would be a shame for one of my favorite mangas to end on a disappointing note.

Anyway, I drew this during downtime at work for the kirayumi community on Livejournal. It features Hisagi, Kira, and Yumichika from “Bleach,” with Hisagi all tied up, and Kira and Yumichika dressed up as a nurse and maid, most likely plotting something gay and hilarious. If I scared you with that last statement, you better watch out. I’ve got a future “Metalocalypse” entry that might cause a stir among the Titmouse boys like last year’s Hearts & Guts submission.

This was inspired by the “Futurama” episode “Proposition Infinity” from the sixth season, where Bender and Amy are thrown together in a “robosexual” relationship. You know, that was one of the reasons why 2010 was so great: “Futurama,” back from the dead after three years of cancellation, and airing on the ever-awesome Comedy Central no less! If any series deserved a second chance, it was this, what I consider to be my hero Matt Groening’s greatest achievement – yes, I honestly think it’s better than “The Simpsons.” In fact, when I first learned of the creation of the series back in 1999, that was pretty much the day I decided to work in the animation industry. But that, my friends, is a story for another time.

Drew this for my friend Elaine Hong on her birthday. One of her favorite anime characters is Balalaika from “Black Lagoon.” Not much else to say about it. It’s just a simple birthday drawing for a friend. Guess I’ll throw in an extra birthday drawing for good measure:

Photoshop sketch of Yoko from “Gurren Lagann” for my friend Jeremy Polgar. I realize I have yet to update his 28th annual alive-good celebration post. I’m not sure if I’ll have it updated by Thursday this week, but I’ll be sure to give it the proper commentary it deserves at some point.

2010 tegaki illustrations not pictured: Torunn, Little Miss Broken 21.

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