Something completely different

I heavily debated whether or not to put this up here for a few reasons, one of them being the possibility of scaring my supposed male audience away with its unabashed gayness. But after having my friend Jeremy Polgar parade it around to some of the artists at Titmouse, where it was received with a mix of amusement and obvious confusion, I figured what the hay? Into the blog she goes.

The hilarity of this being shared with the artists at Titmouse comes not only from its devastatingly homoerotic nature, but its relevance, considering this is a fan piece of one of their shows: “Metalocalypse,” the greatest TV show OF ALL TIME. Of course, I’m exaggerating, but I am being very honest when I tell you this is currently my favorite TV show. I own all three seasons, as well as the second Dethklok album, and have even attended one of their concerts. Toki is my favorite cartoon character in general, so it was a dream come true meeting Tommy Blacha, have him do the voice of Toki for me, and get a picture with him during one of my visits to the studio last year.

No one was lying when they told me he was a nice guy. He’s definitely one of the most personable industry bigwigs that I’ve met so far. But I digress.

So, yeah… I like “Metalocalypse” slash. This isn’t anything new for me. I’ve been drawing slash works for a few years now, posting some of them onto my soon-to-be-deleted art journal on Livejournal. In fact, this was originally posted on LJ for user nawazarrio for the 2011 Hearts & Guts “Metalocalypse” gift exchange. Waz requested Nathan/Pickles with brownie points to the artist if they could make “Pickles being… broken and [wanting] someone to lean on,” and I could only oblige.

Well, that answers the biggest question among the Titmouse artists regarding my submission: Why is Pickles crying? Not that they really cared so much about getting the answer to that one, haha!

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  1. JJ says:

    This is a riot! Comic genius! I mean, come on, Pickles is crying! Is he sad that Nathan is taking advantage of him? Are those tears of joy from the fulfillment of an age old fantasy? Or did Nathan rip a rank and rotten fart? Those tears add a depth to the piece that's absent from your typical "two boys kissing" art. That sells the piece for me!

  2. Marnie Brumder says:

    so wait, WHY is Pickles crying?!

  3. Missy says:

    Re: the previous comment–
    Pickles is crying because all the shit in his life, the struggles with addiction, the abandonment and father issues, the low self esteem and craving for structure and authority… all of it is falling down on his head at once for whatever reason and he's finally broken down and asking for help. Only he's not really asking with words, but his body as he falls shaking into Nathan's arms.


    That's more awesome than awesome that you got Tommy to do Toki's voice for you RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU OMG. I'm so jealous now I can hardly stand it. But jealousy is bad, so I'm gonna go squash that feeling with some macaroons. ;D

  4. Dr. Ew Newman says:

    That's super on model too. Made me nostalgic. Nice work!


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