Sugar Plum Fairy and a shout-out to Leen Isabel

Sugar Plum Fairy drawing 1

Sugar Plum Fairy drawing 2

The last drawing event of 2012 at Gallery Godo was on Friday, December 7. The theme was “Sugar Plum Fairy,” with Gallery Girls models Jennifer Patton and Olivia Lopez posing for the night, all done up and donning shimmering fairy costumes. Their makeup artist was present as well, curious to see how people were depicting her handiwork.

Among the artists that night were select members of Girls Drawin’ Girls, including Leen Isabel, whom I had met online in May that year after she introduced herself to me via Facebook. In her message, she said that she identified with some of the feelings that I shared in my Drink and Draw post, that she loved my art and blog, and encouraged me to keep writing and drawing. It was such a huge compliment to me that I friended her back, and since then, have remained in touch.

Anyway, we mailed Christmas cards to each other over the holidays, with me slapping a Post-it drawing onto the one I sent her. It was fanart of her webcomic Pole Dancing Adventures. She loved it so much that she posted it on the PDA site, crediting me and referring readers to my blog. Now I’m returning the love by telling you to check her stuff out because she’s a gorgeous, talented, and funny lady.

Need proof?

Drool over these cosplay pics.

Stare in awe at the Christmas card she gave me:

Christmas card by Leen Isabel and Win Dong


And read this, my personal favorite PDA strip. Haha! Yeah…

Later, everyone!

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