Bleach Hisagi/Kira comic (feat. Matsumoto, Yachiru, and Renji)

Nothing new this time because I killed massive amounts of it on my Story Development for Animation homework, thumbnailing one of my favorite scenes from Flashdance, and ultimately thinking, “Why did I thumbnail this!? This is the total opposite of what Rad wants!!!” I was only supposed to spend ten minutes on it, too, but […] Read more »

Tegaki illustrations from 2010 and something extra from 2011

Nothing new this time around, so I thought I’d share some illustrations I made at my blog on Tegaki E two years ago: Manga Stream hasn’t released any translated chapters of “Bleach” as of late, which leads me to believe that the manga must be on hiatus. What a gyp, considering that the series is […] Read more »