Bleach Hisagi/Kira comic (feat. Matsumoto, Yachiru, and Renji)

Nothing new this time because I killed massive amounts of it on my Story Development for Animation homework, thumbnailing one of my favorite scenes from Flashdance, and ultimately thinking, “Why did I thumbnail this!? This is the total opposite of what Rad wants!!!” I was only supposed to spend ten minutes on it, too, but […] Read more »

FG/ParaKiss panel

Internet’s out at the apartment. Crap. Put a “Family Guy” spin on one of my favorite panels from the first volume of “Paradise Kiss”, with Peter Griffin as Hiroyuki Tokumori and Lois Griffin as Yukari Hayasaka. It’s a scene where Tokumori admits to Yukari that he loves studying, and in this particular panel, he jokes […] Read more »

Hokuto Sumeragi

Hokuto Sumeragi from “Tokyo Babylon” by CLAMP. For another drawing of her by me, go here. Quickly sketched in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and edited in Photoshop. Was going for the Clockwork Machina! look by my friend Junpei Takayama, but veered totally off course with the gradients and textures. Ugh! I have no restraint… Read more »

Tegaki illustrations from 2010 and something extra from 2011

Nothing new this time around, so I thought I’d share some illustrations I made at my blog on Tegaki E two years ago: Manga Stream hasn’t released any translated chapters of “Bleach” as of late, which leads me to believe that the manga must be on hiatus. What a gyp, considering that the series is […] Read more »

Happy belated birthday Kristen!

Would SpongeBob SquarePants ever have the hots for someone outside of his own TV series? Apparently so, in this crossover romance birthday drawing, in which our pineapple-dwelling pal is all goo-goo-eyed for Bulma from “Dragon Ball.” I normally don’t support crossover pairings, but I must admit these two don’t look too bad together, and for […] Read more »