“C.J. and Josh Get Married” save the date commission

Back in January, my friend Josh Goldman commissioned me to do artwork for the save the dates for his wedding. As per his request, I made a poster with him and his then-fiancé, now wife, C.J., in the middle of the engagement ring that he created for her, with scenes from their childhood in the […] Read more »

Oootopia: An Artgebraic Tribute to Adventure Time and Hansel & Gretel

I have a confession to make: I’m not a fan of “Adventure Time.” Yes, you read that right. The show doesn’t do anything for me. Oh, I can watch it, alright – seen a couple of episodes, had a few laughs. I’m just not excited enough about it to merit falling out of my chair […] Read more »

All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles art show

Last Saturday, I, along with my LMU schoolmate Laura Robinson, attended the opening reception for the All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles art show over at Gallery Nucleus. I first heard about the show through Brigette Barrager’s blog, where she posted up “Fab Four,” her piece for the show. I was in love […] Read more »

Turkish Delights VI – The Veil Dance

Every now and then, a group of models called the Gallery Girls hold a late night drawing salon called Turkish Delights, where artists can draw, eat, drink, and be merry in an Ottoman Empire-inspired setting. The latest Turkish Delights, The Veil Dance, occurred on Friday, May 11, from 9 PM to 2 AM at the […] Read more »

Happy belated birthday Kristen!

Would SpongeBob SquarePants ever have the hots for someone outside of his own TV series? Apparently so, in this crossover romance birthday drawing, in which our pineapple-dwelling pal is all goo-goo-eyed for Bulma from “Dragon Ball.” I normally don’t support crossover pairings, but I must admit these two don’t look too bad together, and for […] Read more »