CTN 2013 and 2014: a photo essay

For this photo essay, we’re flashing back to 2013, back to my very first experience at CTN Expo, where I spent most of it working at my cubemate and co-worker David Boudreau’s booth. Sitting next to us, was character designer and animator Craig Knowles, who hails from Manchester, England. When he wasn’t chatting with CTN […] Read more »

Aroma sketch

Went on a long walk through Studio City, Toluca Lake, and Burbank yesterday, which all began with a near-2.5 mile walk to Aroma Coffee & Tea for breakfast and sketching. Spent two hours or so on the above drawing with a dying Tombo pen. By the time I was done, the last half of my […] Read more »

Pulling the plug on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge

For reasons that I don’t want to get into at this time, I’m pulling the plug on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, and resuming the regular schedule of Monday/Thursday posts. Granted, today is Tuesday, but whatever – gotta start somewhere. Anyway, here’s a sketch I did last week during breakfast at Bea Bea’s. See you […] Read more »