Belly Dancer

My friend April Connors has her own private space within Keystone Fine Art Studios in Glendale, where she works as a figure painting and drawing instructor. Every Wednesday night from 7 – 10 PM, she hosts these figure drawing workshops, where the model dresses according to the theme of the evening. I attended her workshop […] Read more »

Sugar Plum Fairy and a shout-out to Leen Isabel

The last drawing event of 2012 at Gallery Godo was on Friday, December 7. The theme was “Sugar Plum Fairy,” with Gallery Girls models Jennifer Patton and Olivia Lopez posing for the night, all done up and donning shimmering fairy costumes. Their makeup artist was present as well, curious to see how people were depicting […] Read more »

Classic Pin-Ups: Gallery Godo’s final late night drawing event

“Classic Pin-Ups” was the theme at Gallery Godo last Friday night, where I was hit with some bad news, and then good. Bad news: from what I overheard Gallery Girls model Jennifer Patton telling my friend Pierre Bernard, it was Gallery Godo’s final late night drawing event, as the gallery was closing its doors indefinitely. […] Read more »

Aroma sketch

Went on a long walk through Studio City, Toluca Lake, and Burbank yesterday, which all began with a near-2.5 mile walk to Aroma Coffee & Tea for breakfast and sketching. Spent two hours or so on the above drawing with a dying Tombo pen. By the time I was done, the last half of my […] Read more »

Pulling the plug on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge

For reasons that I don’t want to get into at this time, I’m pulling the plug on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, and resuming the regular schedule of Monday/Thursday posts. Granted, today is Tuesday, but whatever – gotta start somewhere. Anyway, here’s a sketch I did last week during breakfast at Bea Bea’s. See you […] Read more »