Risqué {dirty little pictures}

The above image is of the writing on a black wall that obscures what lies within the Kilsby Gallery of the Long Beach Museum of Art: a series of 8″X10″ artworks that comprise Risqué {dirty little pictures}, the brainchild of artists Nathan Spoor and Jeff McMillan, and LBMA executive director Ron Nelson. I heard about […] Read more »

Flower Girl #4

Friday, April 29, saw my sleep-deprived self hanging the above framed painting for the “Family Guy” art show, themed The Art of the Ad. It marked the first time I had completed a traditional painting in over eight years, and the journey was certainly no cakewalk. Painting with acrylics was not as easy as I […] Read more »

Draw Off #26: Sexy Ladies

Well, just one sexy lady right now: Orihime from “Bleach.” Drawn and colored in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. The coloring process was a poor attempt at speed painting within a 30 minute time span. Heh, fat chance! It took me 3 hours to complete, though I’ll have to forgive myself for this; most of that […] Read more »

Summer Superhero Art Show submission

Today is the Summer Superhero Art Show here at Fox TV Animation. As usual, I’m a participant. Aside from that, though, there are a lot of amazing pieces in this one. For the first time, I’m actually bidding for a few, one of them being a “Watchmen”/”Family Guy” piece by Mick Cassidy that I probably […] Read more »

Unfinished: Little Miss Broken 21

Despite the obviously unfinished look of this painting, I am happy with the way it turned out. The painting is of a photograph by DeviantArt user hakanphotography, titled “Little Miss Broken 21,” which you can find here. I chose it for its well-dressed subject (girl who likes to draw girls here!), and the way the […] Read more »

Figure sketches

Last month, I got back in the figure drawing game after three years of absence from either classes or sessions. Gotta hand it to Fox TV Animation for holding sessions every other Wednesday. They’re really a lot of fun to attend. Two hours of figure drawing in the “American Dad” conference room minus registration fees […] Read more »

KiraYumi tegaki

This morning at work was slow, as most of it was spent waiting for Peter Shin, one of the supervising directors on “Family Guy,” to prepare the work that I’m currently doing for his show. The wait wasn’t boring, though, as I used it to fool around on Tegaki E. The result? A little something […] Read more »

Group pics can be such a pain

It’s late, so I’m going to keep this short. The drawing above is a birthday present for my friend Jeremy Polgar. The characters depicted are ones that appeared in a flyer he made to advertise his birthday party. Originally, I wanted to color this, but as I said in my last post, I’m just not […] Read more »

Yoko x Yoko

Does anyone here have an easy time drawing people kissing? Because I don’t, and it’s really sad. And this drawing? Well, it’s the first time I’ve ever drawn people kissing in a more serious and professional manner, so forgive me if this thing is made of fail. As Charles Kettering once said, “One fails forward […] Read more »